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"I took Reiki I and II with Jeanne. The difference in my mental health is remarkable.

I have received Reiki that seems to have eliminated my lower back pain.

Big difference for the better in my life." - L. 1/4/20

"Jeanne has a calmness and peace about her that immediately welcomes me. She is knowledgeable and explains everything in detail. During our sessions I always receive extensive guidance from the energy work that she does. There is always a lightness to me when I leave and for days after I feel more alive and more aware of my own life's purpose... She is a phenomenal Reiki Master and teacher." - T. 2/9/20

"Thanks you again for the clearing you did for me around fear. It totally worked!!!!!

Not only did it allow me to have an ecstatic week of creating and preparing without the usual anxiety, I allows completely at ease as I performed last night!!! Not one bit of nerves. Just pure elation to be sharing my heart and gratitude for the people who were there listening.

It was so radically different than what I'm used to experiencing around performance.

So grateful for you and your work!!! - A. 9/22/19

"I literally feel the deconstruction of old programs happening. And I no longer fear it as I did before. I KNOW that it is necessary for me to grow further into both the Lord and myself and there is nothing that I want more! What I am learning is that it is Ego that is being replaced by Spirit. It's a beautifully mastered battle between the two and my surrender to it allows me to cooperate in it. Absolutely Grace upon grace. I die so I can live! Wow! I feel unattached to everything and in need of nothing.. except for Spirit of course. Ego is losing this time. I hear it constantly, as it goes down for the count, telling me I can't and won' free. I let it have its dying words as I continue to choose true and pure life, undefiled by man's cultural and opinionated programming. It's fabulous to be so empty and so full at the same time." - R. 9/23/18

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